The Importance of Flu Shots – News Articles About Health

They are effective! The article will address the benefits and importance of shots for flu in this article.

TED-Ed explains that each year, samples are collected from patients suffering from the flu and go to researchers who work on developing an effective vaccine. As there are so many flu viruses, the type you are suffering from may not be common every year. It is necessary to conduct ongoing study. You may have received flu shots last year may not be effective this year.

Researchers continue to determine which flu strain is most likely to be present in any given year. All of their research must be considered , and then a conclusion made as to what the need to guard against.

The vaccine also is important to protect those who might not be able to acquire it. If there’s enough people around, the chances that they will contract the disease will fall. That is, there’s nobody around them who can even get the flu since everyone is protected.


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