The Marketing Wave of the Future

White label seo

Search engine Optimization, or SEO, is the new wave of marketing. Recently I have heard about different types of SEO. I have seen references to private label SEO and white label seo for starters. What is the difference between a private label SEO and white label SEO? Nothing. Really. They are two different terms for the exact same thing. Both refer to a private label SEO reseller. A private label SEO reseller is basically a middle man company. The private label company buys SEO from a second company but markets it and sells it as its own. The SEO company is not represented on the website and the consumer has no way to know that the private label company is purchasing SEO from another company. And usually, the two companies split the income right down the middle, or somewhere close to it.

Private label SEO companies are benefiting from well developed SEO content without actually creating it themselves. Those benefits include more online traffic, more website click troughs and ultimately more clientele seeking to purchase their products ad services. This way, with outsourcing, they can focus on their own products and clients and not try to create their own quality SEO in house. If they were to try to create their SEO, it likely would not be as effective as they are not specialists. It will take time away from their clients and business mission, as creating quality SEO is very time consuming and thus, expensive to make in house.

All in all, private label SEO companies are using business savvy and are very smart to purchase SEO from an SEO company. The purchasing of SEO by private label companies appears to be the wave that businesses are riding into modern day online marketing and ultimately to their professional success. Helpful sites:

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