Three Good Reasons To Take A Food And Hygiene Course

Food safety certification

The CDC’s 2011 foodborne illness estimates find that there are eight pathogens that current account for the majority of illnesses, but you can stop your establishment from contributing to the problem by having all of your employees take a food and hygiene course. From a food and hygiene course, your employees will learn all about these pathogens including campylobacter which is the most common bacterial cause of diarrhea around the globe. Keeping food and sanitation at the forefront of your business will help your employees to be much safer when they are handling food which will in turn help to protect your business.

Average households in 2011 spent more than $2,620 in food consumed outside of the home and the only way to ensure that any being eaten at your establishment is not causing illness is by having all your people take food and hygiene courses. If it is too difficult for you to send your employees to food handling courses somewhere offsite, you can even have them get their food handlers permit online. Being able to allow your employees to get their food safety certification in this way will ultimately make things easier on them. In turn, they will be ready to go back to the floor much faster and will carry much greater knowledge with them when they do. In the end, this will help your business to gain a great reputation and serve more customers than it ever has before.
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