Three Things to Look for in a Vitamin Supplement

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You do your very best to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and you exercise according to physicians’ recommendations too. But if you still feel that something is missing and would like to add a vitamin supplement to your daily intake to ensure you are absorbing all of the nutrients needed to keep your body functioning at optimal levels, consider the following before making a pick. It can make a real difference.

First, consider where you are lacking. You may want to take a test that will determine deficiency, then pick the vitamin supplements that help fulfill those deficiencies and make them positives. For instance, you may wind up being low in iron, which is very important for optimal health. If your iron levels are low, you can pick a vitamin supplement that has plenty of iron in it, or one that is entirely focused on iron. Knowing where you are deficient is extremely helpful, also because you should avoid overloading yourself on certain vitamins. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. For example, excess vitamin C can lead to diarrhea or citrus stones, which are similar to kidney stones and just as painful.

Second, understand that quality counts in vitamin supplements. They are by no means created equally, and each manufacturer decides which ingredients to put in its products. Some concentrate on including only organic or gluten-free ingredients, while others could not care any less about the quality of the vitamins that go into their supplements. Paying a little bit more for a quality product pays here. A cheap product may not give you intended results, whereas a high-quality one could give you more than you actually wanted … in a very good way.

Third, know that the actual manufacturer makes a difference with respect to vitamin supplements too. Choosing a vitamin supplement based on the manufacturer might seem like too much work, but really a quick investigation into the reputation of the manufacturer is all that is required to pick a worthy one. Manufacturers that have been in the game for a while are generally more trusted and respected for the products they create and sell to the general public.

In short, a vitamin supplement is only as good as you make it. Choose a high-quality supplement that targets areas you are lacking. And choose ones from reputable manufacturers that are known for great quality and great service.

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