Using Android in the Enterprise for BYOD and Security

Android management

Telecommuting, or working virtually, can save a company quite a lot of money at its inception. Businesses need a workforce, but with the highly advanced digital technologies of today, workers do not have to “go” to work anymore. Instead, you can do work right from your kitchen table, in a bathrobe, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and your beloved cat, Sammy, by your side. Yes, it is an enjoyable time for working online.

But telecommuting does not allow you to get acquainted with your bosses past an occasional email or quick phone chat. This is why companies are beginning to implement what is being called a BYOD, or bring-your-own-device, policy. Of course, a number of security problems could present themselves when you are dealing with employees using computers that are not logged into a secure network. This is where using Android in the enterprise can help.

But first: what exactly does BYOD do for companies? Say you have just started up a new business, but your funds are stretched incredibly tightly. You barely have enough money to rent out your office space, let alone provide computers for an entire workforce. By allowing employees to work on their own computers, tablets and mobile devices, you are saving yourself money but also allowing for greater ease on the part of your workers.

However, when you have an in-house system protected by firewalls and unified under one server, network security is easy. It gets very complicated very quickly when trying to keep track of the independent devices employees bring in to work off of. In fact, a quarter of all companies that allow BYOD have absolutely no management system in place to try to track this. The answer to these problems is mobile device management.

By using this Android management system, you make your BYOD policy safer and easier. The security model stores its data in the cloud, meaning you do not have to use up your valuable company space. Plus, Android device management also works to unify the very different devices used by your employees through a series of rigorous security measure that will not disrupt the workflow.

Using Android in the enterprise is the smart way to ensure that after an employee leaves your business, his or her device can be wiped clean of sensitive company information and data. These Android in the enterprise security plans are becoming paramount as more and more businesses opt for these BYOD policies. Do not get left behind while all your competitors began enhancing their security. See what a mobile device management Android security model can do for your business.

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