Visit a Loved One Through Video

Video visitation prison

The video visitation system is the newest in technology when it comes to interacting with a inmate at a jail or prison. They hold many benefits, for the visitors and the one being visited.

Over time, with the advancement of technology and acceptance for video visitation has grown, systems have begun to include management plus scheduling software used to manage the environment of the video visitation.

With the video visitation system, there is no need for visitors (attorneys, social workers, friends, family, clergy, or U.S. Marshalls) do not have to worry about the costs of travel, routine and invasive search protocols, and any other requirements of the prison or facility. Virtual visitation has allowed friends and family who do not have an excess amount of money to see their loved one that is locked away easier and more conveniently.

The video visitation system allows conferences to be two ways, high quality, secure visitation sessions between the privileged individuals, usually the attorney, clergy, and judges and the inmate. These privileged video visitation can often times simplify case prep for attorneys, thanks to the decrease of travel time normally wasted when going back and forth to visit an inmate.

The video visitation system has an authorized personal who conducts, monitors, can interact with, and terminate any live visit using command keys for safety and legal reasons.

With jail video visitation, inmates use a video visitation that is located in their cell or cell block, and then visitors may use a corresponding station elsewhere, or even use their computers from home. The options with the virtual visitation system expand past normal expectations. The hope is that the video visitation system takes away the burden that a traditional visit may have, and to make it easier for visitations to happen.

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