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If you’re looking at web hosting, it is crucial to be aware of the specifics of what it is. Web hosting is a beefy computer that is able to store your files for users. It is the simplest type of web hosting is like Google Drive. Google Drive account. It is a matter of should everyone have web hosting? If you’re loading a web page via the internet, it means that the same page is downloaded on computers across the world around the globe. Since everyone uses web hosting, it is not mandatory to pay for this. Examples of this are Shopify and SquareSpace. There is also the option of using their hosted servicesbut they do not allow you to purchase the services. If you’ve viewed this video and are convinced you’d like to take on your web hosting journey, there’s plenty of information you need to know. If you’re planning to buy web hosting it could be overwhelming with many details. Some of the more popular hosting providers is GoDaddy. If you’re keen to know more about it check out this video to find out more. ramo1hesyp.

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