What is Micro Machining? – Discovery Videos


Certain parts are very small, and therefore require micromachining tools to create. Tools U.SME on Youtube discusses micromachining’s advantages to daily life.

By using the term “small,” it means that micromachining is able to produce parts that are a just 1/1000th millimeter in size. In the field of integrated circuits there’s a particular type of micromachining, referred to”lithography” is used to manufacture pieces layer-by-layer.

Micromachining refers to “milling,” the process of using specialized machines that cut and drill. The majority of micromachining is called “Micro/Meso-Scale Mechanical Manufacturing,” also known simply as “M4.”

The machining process is known to be more precise and produce smaller parts than processes using silicon. Parts are made using lithography in a time of 1-10 up to 1/10. Processes using M4 can create parts that range from 1/1000 up to 1/100,000.

In “batch processing” the capabilities of all components cannot be controlled at the same time. To keep with dimensional consistency M4 creates parts in one step. This enables smaller features and the highest levels of precision.

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