What Your Contractor Will Do For You – AT HOME INSPECTIONS


The Construction manager. A general contractor can’t do all the tasks on their own. Subcontractors are also hired who will handle the electrical, plumbing work and more. They have expertise in the area they specialize in and engage subcontractors for assistance.

What are the prime duties and duties for general contractors?

GC are responsible for managing the work site. One of their primary responsibilities is to manage the job site. Contractors ensure that subcontractors are working efficiently and efficiently. They also make sure that they are able to complete the work efficiently and without risk. GC assigns subcontractors to manage their work. The job is not done by contractors on their own. Subcontractors have to be correctly placed. They also assess their work’s accuracy and timeliness of jobs on site. GC is also responsible for processing permits and licences for the task. Contractors also have the responsibility of creating permits as well as permits. They also ensure that all contractors are legally licensed and bonded.

If you’re into subcontracting or contracting, check out this video to find out more about the process.


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