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Popular Outdoor Rustic Styled Furniture Stems from Rich American History

Written by admin on October 15, 2013. Posted in Hickory log furniture, Log cabin furniture, Wide variety of rustic decor and accessories

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The outdoor rustic furniture, otherwise known as real log furniture is a very popular decorative theme stemming from the history of the American homesteader. The Homestead Act of 1862 influenced the outdoor rustic act through the creating of America’s log cabins. This act allowed “homesteaders” the right to open land, but required that they cultivate it and build homes of at least ten by twelve feet in size, featuring at least one glass window. Here is an interesting fact about these log cabin homes: seven American Presidents were born in log cabins.

Most of the homesteaders who took advantage of this act turned to building log cabins by using of their available surrounding resources to meet the minimum specifications while building. The original design of these log cabins did not contain a single nail and ma