Popular Outdoor Rustic Styled Furniture Stems from Rich American History

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The outdoor rustic furniture, otherwise known as real log furniture is a very popular decorative theme stemming from the history of the American homesteader. The Homestead Act of 1862 influenced the outdoor rustic act through the creating of America’s log cabins. This act allowed “homesteaders” the right to open land, but required that they cultivate it and build homes of at least ten by twelve feet in size, featuring at least one glass window. Here is an interesting fact about these log cabin homes: seven American Presidents were born in log cabins.

Most of the homesteaders who took advantage of this act turned to building log cabins by using of their available surrounding resources to meet the minimum specifications while building. The original design of these log cabins did not contain a single nail and many did feature only one or two glass windows. This historic and beautiful outdoor design has influenced many decorators and furniture manufacturers.

Outdoor rustic furniture that is influenced by the designs of log cabins are apparent in all kinds of decor such as log cabin furniture like tables and chairs, office furniture, copper decorations, hickory, pine and walnut wood furniture, outdoor patio decor and even influencing wooden bathroom furniture and bedroom furniture. Patience is key when creating outdoor rustic furniture. Although only a few inexpensive tools are needed, these projects can take a long time. Drawing out your plans, finding the right wood, sanding and staining the wood, getting the framing right, drilling all the holes and assembling all the parts is what can make the process so time consuming. However, if you plan accordingly and figure out the framing specifications these projects can be a fun and rewarding process.

If you do not possess the tools, time or the skills to build your own real log furniture, there are thousands of manufacturers and furniture stores that sell furniture showcasing the old rustic design. For those who want to visit places where they can see more rustic styles of furniture, the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, New York is a location showcasing some of the most beautiful designs. If you are interested in building your own rustic styled furniture be sure to research the common methods to ensure a smooth and easy building process!

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