Why You Need a Supplimental Benefits Plan for Small Business Employees

Group health plans

In 1984, Canada adopted the Canadian Health Act, which is a piece of federal legislation stating the conditions which health insurance programs must conform to in order to receive payments from the federal government under the Canada Health Transfer. The provinces and territories adhere to these conditions in order to provide all Canadians with universal health care. The system is great for those that do not have health insurance through an employer. However, there are some gaps in the coverage, and citizens usually look to their employer to provide supplemental employees benefits.

Health insurance in Canada under the CHA usually covers surgeries, doctors visits, clinic visits, lab testing, psychotherapy, and even dental surgery. The elderly also receive free pharmaceutical medications. The problem is that the younger Canadian citizens have gaps in coverage that usually fall under the responsibility of their employer.

Small businesses with 2 to 100 employees makes up 98 percent of all companies in Canada. As a small business owner, it can be hard to find a group health benefits plan that you can afford. Half of all businesses in Canada are concerned about the level of health care coverage for their employees, which means they are always looking for a better option.

One of the alternatives to large insurance companies and their large fees is to choose a group health benefit plan that uses a Smart Plan. These plans offer small businesses more stable premiums at a lower cost along with better coverage for the employee. You may also want to consider other types of employees benefits such as a flexible health spending account.

Before handing over large sums of money to big insurance companies, research your options for employees benefits. You may be surprised at the affordable options out there that can cover all of the government gaps in coverage. Find an affordable option near you, and put your mind at ease knowing your employees are going to be healthy and productive.

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  1. As a small business owner I get frustrated that I have to pay taxes to give health insurance to everyone and then have to pay out of my earnings to supplement the coverage for my employees. The government should either cover it all or nothing.

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