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Is Dental Insurance For Small Business Employees a Viable Option?

Written by admin on June 18, 2013. Posted in Health care spending account, Lap band surgery cost

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If you are a small business owner in America, you are probably worried about the many new requirements that will go into effect in 2014 due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed by congress in 2010. Very soon, health benefits for small business workers will be mandatory, so it is definitely a good time to think about how you are going to deal with health and dental insurance for small business employees. So too might it be a wise move to consider whether to offer a CRA health spending account or a flexible health spending account to your employees, as this may defray health care related costs in a number of different ways.

If you are a Canadian business owner, however, your situation is different. Small business health benefits for workers are the province of the Canadian government rather than being a major concern of private businesses like they are in the United States. In the states, dental insurance for small business employees is growing increasingly rare. It is simply beyond the financial comfortability level of most American small business owners to offer comprehensive dental insurance for small business employees. In Canada, on the other hand, this is not really the case because health care, including dental care, is a matter of the public trust.

Debates continue to rage as to whether the socialized Canadian health care system is more effective than the American privatized health care system or vice versa. Much of this debate has less to do with practical outcomes and more to do with philosophical pretexts. In any case, people on both sides of the public versus private health care system debate believe that offering dental insurance for small business workers is a good thing for employers to do. However, it is difficult to build a consensus on the best way to make dental insurance for small business employees available. Find more on this topic here: