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Why Electric Beds Make All The Difference

Written by admin on June 19, 2013. Posted in Adjust a bed, Adjust bed, Adjustable beds

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Adjustable bed mattresses are wonderful because they come in all various mattress types, including the very popular memory foam. This is helpful for the millions of Americans, or about 80 to 90 percent of the country’s population, who suffer from back and neck problems due to sleeping on a traditional flat mattress, which does not support the natural curvature of people’s backs. An adjustable mattress, then, has become quite the hot ticket item in recent years, thanks to more options being available and at better price points too.

Of course, these adjustable beds also are pretty commonly called electric beds because they would not be adjustable had it not been for the capacity to electrically change the head and foot levels of any adjustable bed. So, for this article’s purposes, we will just refer to them as electric beds. These beds, then, serve to improve people’s sleep patterns, giving them more restful nights without the back pain they are used to experiencing. Simply put, these beds can support the neck and head, the shoulders, the lower and upper back regions, the thighs and legs, and the feet in ways that traditional beds and mattresses cannot.

And while these electric beds are largely considered the best sleep mattress on the market, at least for back pain sufferers, they are excellent as well for people who are not necessarily experiencing pain. They may have trouble falling asleep at night or may find themselves out on their recliners night after night, falling asleep in their living room couches and chairs rather than sleep in their beds because they are not comfortable. Electric beds usually solve this problem too because they are quite comfortable.

There are adjustable beds for seniors as well, which are targeted to reach the segment of the population who may not really have pain but who might just have enough trouble getting out of bed in the morning physically to warrant a bed that is adjustable. These electric beds, then, serve all population segments, from those who are young to people who are older.

Finding these electric beds is relatively easy these days, now that most major manufacturers carry their own versions of them in their stores. Testing out these electric beds is easy too, since lots of these physical locations have at least one model on the floor. However, the Internet usually is the top place to get a great deal on a very high quality bed that uses power to adjust its height.