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Drive Sales and Profits With Quality Content and Diversified SEO

Written by admin on September 4, 2013. Posted in Outsource seo services, Search position, Seo for lawyers

Dc seo

Did you know that as much as 93% of internet use starts on search engines? Consumers are on search engines, and the only hope companies have to stay visible and relevant is to get on search engines, too. How are companies scoring top ranks on search engines, and staying right where customers are most likely to find them?

Quality Content

Content is quickly becoming the driving force of SEO, and more than 75% of SEO marketers are using it to get their companies ahead. High quality content creates more pages, good content encourages shares and natural links, and all of these things score well on search engines. Why is that important? Most, or up to 75% of, internet users will not venture beyond the first page of search engine results, and another 70 to 80% of users ignore paid advertisements. That means companies