Certifications Available for Various Industries

Iso 9001 pdf

For any business, there are a number of standards and necessary certifications. It is difficult to keep track of them, as there are so many, but a large majority of them pertain to food service. There are many International Standards that apply to many different industries. About a thousand of them deal with the machinery, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, storage, and preparation of food. While not every food service employee is required to maintain a food safety certification, there are a number of benefits to obtaining such a certification. Government and for profit private organizations offer food safety certification, such as HACCP training and ServSafe certification. Such certification training includes such information about the causes of food contamination, the proper processes for preparing, storing, and using food, and ways to prevent food borne illness. Food contamination, such as salmonella, and the illnesses it causes have been recognized for well over a century.

A Capability Maturity Model Integration process, abbreviated CMMI, is a process of improving a project’s process, and there is Cmmi certification available. By receiving and maintaining this certification, the individual or the business can successfully improve its processes in every facet of its organization. Such a certification helps a company to identify its weaknesses, eliminate obstacles, and streamline their efficiency.

Another certification that is available is the ISO certification. Iso training stands for the International Organization of Standardization, a small department located in Geneva and related to the UN. ISO certification requirements are one way to improve your division’s processes with regard to your environmental impact, as well as aiding in your compliance with local, state, federal, and international environmental regulations. ISO certification requirements are a series of environmental management standards that minimize your organizations’ environmental impact. The ISO 14001 certification provides criteria for such an environmental management system, and while the ISO certification requirements may seem daunting, they will help your organization in the long run. By meeting the ISO certification requirements, your business can “go green” in more ways that you ever considered, helping the environment, reducing your waste, and increasing your business.

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