Social Media and a Better Search Engine Ranking

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No matter what type of business,there is no escaping that knowing how to create a better search engine ranking,using social media intelligently,or understanding the purpose of a web directory, can mean the difference between sustained success and choosing another profession.

Social Media Connects More than People
43 percent of small businesses spend six or more hours per week building Facebook pages, connecting on LinkedIn, and using Twitter to gain new customers. This doesn’t include the time spent on seo programs. By linking these sites to related websites,or white label seo content such as blog posts,a better search engine ranking can be achieved.

At first glance, it is easy to argue time spent building a social media presence could be spent in a more productive manner, possibly creating seo reseller plans or seo white label content. Many say that time invested in building a social media platform and connecting it properly is the way to a better search engine ranking. It doesn’t come as a surprise that four times as many small businesses are increasing their budgets for building their social media presence.This is another strong indicator of how important a better search engine ranking is.

Determining a Search Engine Rank
There are 200 specific criteria that search engines use to rank the value of a website. These are algorithms that measure the quality, structure, clarity, and value of a website. A rank then is assigned. Ranks are also based on comparing the results with similar websites. Knowing what these algorithms are, analyzing them, will directly lead to a better search engine ranking.

Higher Convertions and a Better Search Engine Ranking
Achieving a better search engine ranking turns potential customers to customers one step away from a businesses bottom line. In order to gain that magic click, it is important to analyze the behavior that led to that click. For example, a view through conversion rate is when a user makes that click, but doesn’t get there through an advertisement on a conversion page.

Understanding the connection between strong social media platforms and a better search engine ranking is a significant step toward business success.

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