Could the FDA Ban Trans Fats Altogether?

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Restauranteurs beware!

Over the last decade or so, the FDA has made a serious effort to limit the amount of unhealthy ingredients that can be used in certain food items. Today, the FDA decided to move forward with a plan to ban trans fats throughout the food industry. According to a Fox Business news report, there will be a 60 day comment period that will allow manufacturers to take some time to reformulate foods and figure out ways to avoid trans fats. This could mean major changes are coming for restaurant and small-business owners who make their own foods and don’t have alternative recipes on hand.

In the United States, over the last 10 years, there has been a drastic reduction in the amount of trans fat, but getting rid of it entirely could have an even more significant impact on Americans’ health. In fact, according to Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, the ban could prevent a staggering 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths.

Generally, trans fats are found in frozen foods, cake mixes, spreads, soups, and popcorn. Those foods might not be all that common in some restaurants, but there is also a lot found in fried foods. Restaurant owners who are worried about finding the right ingredients to use will have to watch and listen to Fox business news reports, or find one of the best internet news sources to keep up. The regulation could play a major role in their success.

Regardless of the new FDA ban, regularly following Fox Business live and other news sources is a good idea for any business owner, particularly in the food chain. Opening a restaurant can be quite rewarding, but thriving can be difficult in the ultra-competitive market. In fact, in New York City, of the 1,000 or so that open every year, about 800 will be out of business in just five years. While there are lots of factors that contribute to that trend, certainly, a change in the ingredients owners have to use would play a role.

Most everyone can get on board with providing healthier foods that are less risky to American health. However, there are certain challenges associated with doing so, especially for restaurant owners who often use trans fats to prepare tasty meals. So keeping an eye on Fox Business news and monitoring the FDA’s progress in their attempt to ban them is important.

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