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During the prosperity that the United States enjoyed in the years following World War II, Americans became more mobile than ever. Between the 1950s and the mid 1980s, the rate at which Americans migrated remained fairly stable. Although the annual number of American relocations dropped slightly over the following two decades, U.S. migration numbers reached an all-time low after the recession of 2007.

The good news for moving companies is people are once again beginning to relocate. During 2011 just over 35 million people moved, and a year later that number jumped to approximately 36.5 million people. While that is only a modest improvement over the previous year, even the slightest increase in relocation is a sign that the economy is awakening from its recent slumber. Essentially, when more people are moving it usually means there are jobs, or more folks are feeling comfortable purchasing new homes.

Regardless of the reasons people move, the relocation process is usually as stressful as it is exciting. This is especially true for people who are faced with a long distance or military move. There are a number of tips that movers can employ to help make their moves easier. These “tips” include everything from decluttering their homes to having each family member pack on suitcase of essential to keep close by on the trip.

While every little piece of advice can help, moving and storage pods might be the best solution. The top moving container services can provide their customers with durable and secure moving pods, which can make organizing their moves far more efficient.

When a mover arranges for moving pod services, the moving company will drop the pod at the customer’s residence well in advance of their prospective moves. This allows movers to sort, pack, and load their personal possessions in the days prior to the move. Once the day of the move arrives, the loading has already been done. Therefore, the moving company can simply load the pod and deliver it to destination.

Whether movers are moving to the next county or facing cross country military moves, storage and moving pods can make their lives a whole lot easier. This means movers can spend less time worry about the physical aspects of moving, and more time focusing on the other crucial aspects of their moves.
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