Should I Sell My House? – Finance Video

This video will show you why you might want to contact an experienced real estate and sell your house.

Christy inquires Christy what she should do to sell or hold on to her house during this episode of The Ramsey Show. The house is located in California close to where her family is located. But, her husband is in the military and they had to move into a different state. They will be moving back within five years. In the meantime, they are renting out the house. However, it is not making enough money to be profitable. Dave responds to this by suggesting they simply sell the house to buy a new one in five years time if they do indeed move back. It is possible to change plans in five years. In addition, the property may be difficult to maintain online, and it could be a loss for them. The property is not an economically viable investment. The property is only worth keeping if it were going to make a decent rent. In contrast this money earned of the house that was sold could go into a mutual fund and be used to buy an even better house in five years.


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