Urgent Care Facilities Handle Many Routine Health Problems

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Each week in the United States, approximately three million people to urgent care facilities like the Scottsdale Urgent Care Center, Paradise Valley Medical Center, and Urgent Care Phoenix. Urgent care in phoenix is designed to decrease the burden placed on emergency rooms. The Centers for Disease Control conducted a study concluding that nearly 50 percent of adult ER patients who were not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital sought out treatment at the Emergency Room because their doctors offices were closed. These patients are unwittingly interfering with the real mission of ER doctors, which is to handle the most dangerous acute health care issues.

Urgent care facilities provide medical services for conditions that are not life threatening and thus do not warrant an emergency room visit, but which do require being dealt with quickly. For example, injuries and illnesses that are most commonly treated at urgent care facilities are sprains, fractures, gastrointestinal illness like food poisoning, minor lacerations, and even concussions. As well, because the average child in America catches between 6 and 10 colds per year, pediatric upper respiratory illnesses make up a large percentage of illnesses handled by urgent care facilities.

When patients visit urgent care facilities they will be instructed to follow up with their primary care physicians at a later date. As well, in many states, 24 hour urgent care facilities have on site prescription dispensing as a means of ensuring that patients prescriptions before leaving the urgent care center.

About 6.8 million bones are broken each year in the United States. Urgent care facilities are equipped to deal with breaks and fractures because there are X ray machines on site. If everyone who had a broken bone went to an urgent care facility the cost of health care would decrease for everyone, and emergency rooms would be much more efficient. More like this blog. Get more on this here.

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