What is a turbidity barrier

Silt curtains

Turbidity barrier or turbidity curtain are used in containing silts that are released in a construction site. The turbidity barrier, also known as silt barrier or silt curtain, is used in different construction environments and sites. Basically they are used to control the silts and to manage the flow of water. In controlling the silts and sediments, the barrier holds back or prevents the release of the silts. In managing the flow of water, it can be used in directing the flow of the water. There are also different types of turbidity barrier. There is the fixed and the floating turbidity barrier. The fixed are bolted on the reservoir while the floating ones are floated to direct the water flow. The barriers are generally used in dredging, in restoring shoreline and in dam restoration. They are also used in construction of bridges, marina, ports, ferry landings and harbors. Similarly, oil containment boom and oil skimmer are the same as the turbidity barrier.

In choosing the right company for turbidity barriers, you should check the previous and present customers of the company. It will tell you if they have already handled complex and demanding projects. At the same time, since there are light duty, medium duty and heavy duty barriers, make sure that the company that you choose can provide you with all the technical assistance that you may require and all other support during the project. Read more blogs like this.

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