Why Members Get Reimbursed by Using Military Moving Programs

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Every summer, approximately 225,000 shipments of household goods are sent by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Coast Guard. Relocating is just a way of life for those in the military. Fortunately, military moving has its own category. A military dity move allows members of the U.S. armed forced have more control over their own process of moving, which offers some refuge for those who frequently have to pack up and move for their jobs.

This form of military moving is often the most desirable type too, since the military moving experience involves in some part military families handling packing or shipping items a new home and since these military members qualify for most or all of the moving expenses to be reimbursed. Through this kind of military move, families are responsible for any damaged or broken items since they were the ones who packed them, but other than that it proves to be far more successful and ideal for these families. Expenses like the rental of a trailer or truck, the costs for packing materials and items like furniture pads and moving blankets, and gas money are covered or reimbursed with a Dity move. And they can move using their own vehicles, renting a truck or hiring a professional mover too. All they do is load up the truck and have a driver come in or ship packages using parcel post. Even better, a DITY move calculator will help determine these costs before any boxes are packed.

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