Why Assisted Living Might Be Right for You

Assisted livings

Findings from the Administration on Aging found that from the year 2000 through 2011, the number of senior citizens rose by 18% to a total of 41.4 million people. Do you have a family member who lives independently but could benefit from being part of an organized community? Perhaps you are looking to move out of your old house or apartment, but you do not wish to live in nurse homes. In either case, assisted facility living may be the best option.

Assisted living seniors are able to retain the freedom of living on their own and making decisions, but with the added support that assisted living facilities can provide. This may take the form of engaging community activities, one-on-one help with tasks, and additional services. For instance, assisted living programs may help residents with their laundry or to obtain important medications. If there are other ways in which staff members can help residents get things done on a daily basis, those options may be provided as well.

When looking at different assisted living residences in order to find the right one for you or your family member, it is important that the facility you ultimately choose provide the ideal mix of self-reliance and available help. Be sure to make your questions, comments, or recommendations regarding assisted facility living known in the forum below.

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