Look for SEO Reseller Plans With Social Media Components and Real Knowledge

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Forty three percent of U.S. small businesses are spending an estimated six hours or so per week on social media sites. While this may not seem to have a direct correlation with search engine optimization, it truly does because the best SEO reseller plans on the market also have social media components. What does social media have to do with SEO, you ask? One directly impacts the other because online users today will use both online searches through search engines and social media to discover more information about products and about services that companies provide.

So, when you are going about researching SEO reseller plans to ultimately resell SEO services, make sure social media is part of the plan you pick. Otherwise, it could wind up causing you to lose business from those customers that rely on social media but that no longer want to spend so much time doing it themselves. About 62 percent of companies in 2010 were handling social media themselves, but that number dropped to 55 percent a year later. These businesses were not abandoning social media efforts but instead were choosing to outsource them.

To be one of these SEO resellers that these businesses outsource their own services to, outsource SEO to providers that believe in the power of social media and all that it stands for. The company should know, for instance, that over 800 million Facebook status updates are made each day and that an average of 250 million tweets are sent out daily. This should be common knowledge to an outstanding SEO program provider.

Of course, social media is one small part of what makes today’s SEO reseller plans good. You also want to outsource seo services to providers that understand the difference between a search engine and a web directory, or more specifically a provider with real knowledge of the search engine industry. A search engine displays rankings of web pages that are singularly based on keywords, while a web directory will display web sites and their various categories and subcategories. There is a huge difference, and a company providing worthy SEO reseller plans will know this difference. Also pick SEO reseller plans that understand the importance of publishing and analytics tools and that use them appropriately. Only 36 percent of small businesses pay for this service now, but that number will rise with time, and you want a slice of that pie.

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