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What is one of the fastest growing wedding trends? Outdoor weddings, especially ceremonies and receptions with rustic and country themes, are the next big thing, according to IndyStar. It is not difficult to see why. An outdoor ceremony can be a playful and elegant break from tradition. The trend, however, can go horribly wrong without the right preparations. What are the right preparations?

Put Up a Tent

One of the biggest mistakes when planning for an outdoor wedding is plowing ahead without a backup plan. The weather is wildly unpredictable. An event tent rental can provide brides and grooms a peace of mind. Wedding tent rentals can be as simple, or as detailed, as you like. Tents protect expensive dresses and tuxes from rain or snow, and keep guests comfortably removed from too hot or too cold temperatures.

Strike a Balance

The key to the perfect rustic wedding is balance. Couples should incorporate just enough modest country elements, without sacrificing class. For example, couples who plan to marry or celebrate receptions in an old barn can keep it elegant with a few, well-chosen wedding linen rentals. Chair covers, sashes, table cloths, table runners, and cloth napkins contrast solid wood barn walls. If couples choose an event tent rental, on the other hand, delicate wooden tables and chairs offset draped fabric.

Get Creative

All themed weddings depend on creativity and inspiration. Make your big day unforgettable by incorporating simple mason jars, chalkboards, wooden signs and posts, and other trademark country elements. Many brides and grooms, for example, tie table assignments cards or place cards to horseshoes with twine. Lace and lights are a great way to embellish country-themed decorations and place settings, without losing sight of romantic rustic themes.

Thanks to the internet and social media sites like Pinterest, the popularity of country weddings is skyrocketing. Make your big day fun, classy, and full of character, by contrasting wood and fabric surroundings and decorating venues with mason jars and simple chalkboards.
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