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fice. They are convenient to use , and are able to instantly create a copy of something digital from your personal computer. Laser printers are one of the more popular kinds of printers because of the lower price and flexibility. In this tutorial you’ll learn about the workings of laser printers in order to understand the workings of your printer in order to produce such high-quality products.

This printer employs an electrophotographic method that is highly technical and can be discovered within the machine. The prints are made directly onto the OPC drum with an laser. The ink or toner is stirred at the same time as it is pushed onto the top of the roller. The OPC drum will be positively charged by the laser. This means that the negatively charged toner will attract to it. The toner is applied to the area marked by laser. This is the image being printed. Following that, the ink will be transferred onto the paper. The toner is then heated and bonded onto the paper.


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