What Black Bear Hunting Guides Divulge On Hunting Vacations

Elk hunting in colorado

Man has been hunting since the earliest of days, when mammoth were hunted in groups by leading them over cliffs or by throwing large spears and rocks at them. Today, of course, hunting looks much different, with cross bows and rifles hunting animal for sport rather than strictly for survival. So where do many hunters today go to unwind and relax while still enjoying the outdoors and honing their hunting instincts? More commonly, today’s hunters are heading to guided elk hunts, guided mule deer hunts, guided black bear hunts and other types of big game hunts at hunting ranches.

These hunting vacations allow hunters to learn much more about the animals they hunt. For instance, black bear hunting guides can discuss a black bear’s typical diet, which includes as much as 85 percent of vegetation like leaves and shoots, as well as larvae and insects. These black bear hunting guides also discuss topics on various other animals that are commonly hunted, including male elk, which conduct a sound called bugling when mating and which can carry a sound for miles (the loudest elk usually gets his mate). Guided tours also divulge information that make hunting easier, like the idea that male elk travel together and that female elk travel together but separately from males except during mating season, or the rut. These black bear hunting guides additionally throw out other interesting tidbits, like how turkey litter is used for fertilizer and fuel in power plants when mixed with wood chips.

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