Why Do Scars Form? – Web Lib

scars on the skin. These are normal parts of the healing process. They may be circular, oval or irregularly formed. Linear scars can be a straight line, which can be flattened and either reddened or white. It can be the result in contact sports, cycling such as rugby or American football, or surgery etc. In the event that your body heals tissue damage by placing collagen fibers along the injury region, a scar develops.

When your wound heals the scab develops naturally around your skin. When this scab is removed and is removed, it creates a scar in its place. Atrophic scars usually have minimal texture or color, and is flat and thin. However, it can be a long time until the scar fades away after an injury heals completely.

The body repair the wound by placing new skin cells as well as collagen elastin fibers in the tissues beneath that skin’s surface. Collagen is a tough protein found in connective tissue which gives the skin strength, and elastin aids in helping your skin expand and then return to its form after stretching out. The new linear scar tissue has a greater thickness than normal skin and often appears different in color from normal skin. rxujcmojws.

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