Warning, Menopause Symptoms May Be Closer Than They Appear

Menopause facts

When a woman ages, and is no longer physically able to have children she reaches menopause. Every woman is different, but the average age to reach menopause is 51. There is a lot of information available on menopause facts as well as clarification about some of the myths.

Hormones, called estrogen and progesterone, are produced by a womens ovaries. When a woman becomes menopausal, her ovaries no longer produce enough of these hormones. Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT can be used to supplement the body with estrogen and progesterone and to help relieve the symptoms of menopause. Every hormone has its own specific role and effect on the body. Hormones work together to help the body function at its best. So, when hormone levels drop it has a physical effect.

Common symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. Women also gain an average of a pound per year during menopause and weight loss becomes more difficult and slower. For treatment of their symptoms, many menopausal women are turning to compound pharmacists.

At a compounding pharmacy, one or more active ingredients are combined with a customized treatment for the individual needs of a patient. Compound pharmacists work closely with healthcare providers and have a vital role in patient compliance with drug regimens.
Compound pharmacists can also add flavors or change the flavor of medicines, to make them taste more pleasant. Flavor is often added to childrens medicines, and many children refuse to take medicine unless they like the taste.

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