Your Vacuum Will Love You

Robotic vacuum cleaner reviews

Let’s face it — no one likes to do chores around the house, especially not your kids. They will find every opportunity to get out of their duties. Even if you are a super clean person and you like to do your dishes or you do laundry incessantly, you must need a break every now and then. You probably want to give your back a rest. Robot vacuum cleaners might just give you the breather that you need. They clean rooms on their own with a small flick of a switch. The best robot vacuum cleaners can cost you almost 700 dollars, but they come with options basic ones don’t offer. Many of these robot vacuum cleaners come with sensors that remember where they have already been in the room, and some even create their own patterns and use multiple cleaning passes to make sure your carpet is extra clean. These cleaners also come with different brushes in addition to the main one. You can replace the main brush with detail-oriented brushes that pick up dirt in corners and at along walls. We all know that vacuuming in those pesky spaces can be a pain.

You might also want to consider spending money on top of the line robot vacuum cleaners versus a standard one if the generic one does not come with a recharging dock. Since these cleaners run on battery, they typically need to recharge but can be programmed to recharge in between cleanings. You can also set the vacuum to clean at the times you want, so that you don’t have to wait to turn it on before you leave. It will clean during the times you specify and return to recharge when that time frame has finished. You can also create virtual walls or boundaries with some robot cleaners and they will stop or turn away from areas you don’t want to have cleaned. You have complete control over what happens.

Manufacturers do also warn that robot vacuum cleaners are not a completely adequate substitution for your regular upright vacuum and they typically only come with a one-year warranty. They also don’t work well on tall carpets and some sensors have difficulty operating on dark carpets. There are deep levels of dirt that a robot vacuum may not be able to reach and multiple uses might wear out the machine. For this, it is recommended that you alternate using your regular vacuum and the robot vacuum cleaner. This way, you take a break every now and then, and you can also get in your beloved cleaning time.

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